About NETT

What is NETT – Neural Engagement Therapy and Training?

NETT can be defined as any therapy or training technique that looks at the influence on the Nervous System as the key reason for its action or effect. This definition encompasses many practices, but understanding the functions and interactions between the Central Nervous System, the Enteric Nervous System and the Autonomic Nervous System provides a practitioner or trainer an ability to provide better Therapy and Performance interventions.

NETT Global has two priorities

  1. To provide an education platform to practitioners and trainers to disseminate current and practical information regarding NETT techniques.
  2. To create a network (nationally and globally) of therapists, coaches and practitioners across all disciplines who understand the importance of the Nervous system in Therapy and Performance Training.

Neural Engagement Therapy and Training (NETT) refers to a range of interventions and techniques that target different areas of the nervous system to help clients manage pain and improve performance.

NETT encompasses a variety of widely researched modalities fused together to create a very unique and cutting-edge approach to therapy and training. Branches of Science and practices that have the greatest impact on NETT include:

  • Neuro-anatomy and Neuro-physiology
  • Functional Neurology
  • Human Complexity Science
  • Exercise Physiology
  • Nutritional Medicine
  • Flow State and Breathing

NETT Rehabilitation is at the cutting edge of rehabilitative and performance based therapy.

Whether you are seeking to upgrade your current professional knowledge, offer more services to your patients/clients, or would simply like to be across this revolutionary therapy and its surrounding science, the knowledge gained from studies in NETT will be a powerful asset.

About the Creators of NETT

The concepts and theory behind NETT rehabilitation and performance based therapy has been created and modified by Victor Popov, Leo Young and Paul Michael.


About Paul Michael –

After graduating in 2001 Paul spent his first years as a physiotherapist working at the Gold Coast Hospital and then abroad in England. From these humble beginnings Paul’s passion for delivering a quality service in private practice has evolved together with a wide variety of skills to apply to every complaint that comes through the door.

With a thirst for new knowledge Paul has spent countless hours learning as much as he can about the art of clinical therapy and has on the side also completed his business masters (MBA). He now pursues study in the field of neuroscience and integrates this with his background in physiotherapy to create a wider viewpoint for client assessments and treatments.


About Victor Popov –

Victor is one of Australia’s most respected and experienced sports physiotherapists with over 30 years of knowledge in the area of Sports Physio looking after athletes of all levels.

After beginning his career in Sydney in 1985 at St George Sports Medicine Centre,Victor spent the next 25 years working at multi-disciplinary sports medical clinics in Brisbane (St Lucia Sports and Rehab, Agilitas Physiotherapy, Chandler Sports and Rehab) and established QSMC at the Gabba in 2000, where he still consults on a part-time basis.

Victor did work full-time at the AIS in Canberra from 1993-1995, and also worked as a Physio for AIS programs such as Diving, Rugby, Waterpolo and Squash from 1985-2001. From 1999-2008 he worked at the Brisbane Lions AFC as a physio and in the Medical Co-ordinator role for 4 of those years.


About Leo Young –

Leo has over 35 years experience in the fitness industry, including fitness centre establishment and management, staff training and consultancy, as well as gymnasium equipment design. Leo has also successfully coached some of Australia’s finest Olympic and world class athletes in a wide variety of sports.

He has personally competed at international / national level in several sports and currently holds multiple open world records in indoor rowing, canoeing a kayaking. Leo was formally the “Director of Education and Consultancy Services” for Fitlink Australia and is in high demand as a lecturer at fitness industry conventions. He is also the co-author of the textbook “Fitness -a systematic approach”, widely used in Fitness Leader training courses nationally.

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