Module 5 – Functional Neurology


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About Module 5 – Functional Neurology

In the first part of the functional neurology module, students will learn about the concept and history of Functional Neurology. The history of functional neurology will be explored, including a look at studies and research that led to the pioneering of NETT therapy. The module will introduce students to important concepts of functional neurology, including different pathology and modalities of change, and will look at how to use these concepts to better manage a client/patient’s pain and performance enhancement.

In the second part of the functional neurology module, students are introduced to more testing and intervention techniques for the autonomic nervous system. This module shows students how to look for dysfunction of the nervous system by observing subtle changes in the brain/parietal lobe and PMRF before they become distinct pathologies. This can have major implications on the prevention of injury or illness with patients/clients, and can lead to far better rehabilitative responses from those under treatment.

In the last part of the functional neurology module, students will examine the role of the cerebellum, vestibular and visual systems in maintaining neurological function and improving rehabilitative outcomes. Specifically, this module will examine testing and intervention for each of these areas in order to determine and rectify discrepancies in function before the appearance of disease or disorder.


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