Module 6 – Balancing Extremes


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About Module 6 – Balancing Extremes

This module will look at different nutritional strategies and interventions that contribute to a client’s overall health and wellness. Using the latest research in nutritional therapy, this module will closely examine how to balance diverse and paradoxical strategies, how to better understand and manipulate the roles of hunger and hormones as well as the importance of macronutrient manipulation and timing.

Environmental stress, such as temperature, hypoxia and heat are known to affect our biological function by disrupting homeostasis. This module is designed to give you an understanding of how the body responds to environmental stress and how you can use these underlying mechanisms to better facilitate a client/patient’s rehabilitative outcomes.

In this module, students will examine the different metabolic classification of exercise interventions, how to manipulate exercise and program training variables and how to use environmental stress interventions when working with clients.


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